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At New-Air in Hampshire, we provide high-quality air conditioning units, ventilation units, and refrigeration systems to businesses and commercial properties. Our team don’t only provide the installation of new systems, but we also provide repair and maintenance support to ensure your systems continue to perform at their optimum capacity. We’ve built a reliable reputation in Hampshire over the last 4 decades, attesting to our uncompromising high-quality services and cost-effective solutions.


Air Conditioning Installation and Repairs

Regardless of whether you’re seeking an air conditioning installation or you need your current system repairing, get in touch with our reliable team to discuss your needs. Many businesses and commercial properties have benefited from our repair, maintenance, and installation services.


We offer many different air conditioning systems in Hampshire:

  • ‘Split’ systems, which absorb heat and transfer it outside of your property to cool the internal environment within.
  • ‘Multi’ systems, which use the same process as split systems but with multiple indoor units connecting to one external unit.
  • Air conditioning heating systems such as air-to-water heat pumps which are renewable energy systems.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, suited to air conditioning large areas. These can be set to ‘heat pump’ to provide either heating or cooling to the areas or ‘heat recovery’ where both modes can be selected simultaneously in different areas of the building.
  • Portable air conditioners, for sale or for hire.
  • Close control systems, that allow you full control of temperature and humidity levels.


Refrigeration Units in Hampshire

When you need reliable and industry-standard refrigeration units, look no further than those available through New-Air. We are an accredited provider of industry-leading manufacturers Foster Refrigeration, and provide a wide range of refrigeration units including ice machines, blood fridges, blast freezers, beer cellars, walk-in cold rooms, wine cellars, and so much more.


Ventilation Systems in Hampshire

Our team will advise you on the best system for you as well as installation, repairing, and performing maintenance on your ventilation systems. We even offer Heat Recovery Ventilation systems that extract heat energy from stale air and therefore lessen the energy your air conditioning systems need to use. We work very closely with leading manufacturers and providers to ensure we continue to deliver reliable services of the highest quality at affordable prices to our customers.


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