Whether you are looking for the ability to extract stale air from small area or provide a tempered supply and extract fresh air system within a large scale office environment, we are able to specify a solution to meet your requirements.

Heat Recovery Ventilation can be installed to reduce the energy load on your buildings air conditioning systems.  When a room is cooled or heated, the exhausted cooling / heating energy is recovered back into the environment by a heat exchanger.

We are able to install MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) within a wide range of environments from a small domestic dwelling to a large office environment so you can be assured that you will be kept as fresh as a daisy.

We have installed a number of large scale Air Handing Units across the South coast of England, these systems have been designed to meet the requirements of each working environment.  We work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure that equipment selection is optimised. If required a bespoke solution can be manufactured to site specifications.

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