Benefits of Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning has had an incredible impact on the way we live, giving us the option to work, play and relax in climate controlled environments.

Sometimes air conditioning can be taken for granted. Only when it’s not there, you realise how much you need it. It’s easy to think it’s something you don’t need when you walk into a shop, office or home. So what would happen if it breaks down, or on a sweltering day there is no air conditioning?

Here at New-Air it’s something you don’t need to think about. We offer an extensive range of air conditioning systems to suit all types of buildings. Not only can we find the right system for you, we can also install it, service it and repair it if anything should go wrong.

So if you don’t have an air condition system yet, you’re looking to upgrade or your old one needs replacing then we are the people for you. If you’re still in two minds then here are some benefits to having an air-conditioning system fitted.

  • Offices and homes can be kept at an optimum temperature to suit your needs: our air conditioning systems offer efficient cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.
  • Improved air quality: air conditioning systems filter the air flow which can decrease the risk of bacteria, dust and other allergies.
  • In cooling mode the humidity in the air is reduced, keeping the environment feeling fresh and pleasant to be in.
  • Quiet operation: many air conditioners are designed to operate within a comfortable sound zone often unnoticed by the people occupying the building, enabling you to get on with your day to day lives.
  • A cost effective solution: save money through use of energy efficient air conditioning to heat your premises. Equipment COP’s (Coefficient of Performance) are increasing so for every 1kW of electrical input the more heat you generate. Thus, if an air conditioner generates 5kW of heat from a 1kW electrical input, its COP is said to be 5.0.
  • Environmentally friendly: lower CO₂ emissions compared to conventional heating systems.
  • Insects no longer need to be a pest: windows can now be kept shut whilst the air conditioning systems are operating.

All our services are carried out by our in house trained engineers and the service provided is of an exceptional standard from the beginning right through to the end. We have a 24 hour/365 day call out service for our maintenance customers. Therefore if there is a problem we can get it sorted for you right away. Please feel free to contact us today to see how we can help you to lead a more comfortable lifestyle.