Create a Warm & Inviting Office Atmosphere this Winter

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With the days becoming gradually shorter, darker and cooler, there’s no doubt that winter is coming, and before long, you’re sure to notice your employees succumbing to winter blues. We all know how much the winter months can leave us feeling slow, sluggish and de-motivated and this all too easily leads to a significant decline in productivity – something no business wants to worry about. Here at New-Air, we’ve worked with a number of businesses over the years and here are some of the best tips we’ve picked up over the years to keep your office environment warm, inviting and productive throughout the cold winter months.

Boost employee morale and work rate up with these simple tips from New-Air throughout the upcoming months.

Keep your office warm

The most fundamental thing any office can do to keep up morale is to ensure that the office is at a warm and comfortable temperature. Winter is a cold and often wet time of the year and your employees want to end their commute by coming to an office where they don’t have to keep their coats on and use hot water bottles in an attempt to keep warm.

If your employees can’t get warm by 9am, it’s all they’re going to be thinking about, not their work. If your employees are wearing multiple jumpers, it’s time to turn up the heat on your air conditioning system; they are both an energy and cost efficient form of heating through heat pump systems and many new builds rely on them as a sole source of heating.

Make the office inviting

Your workers spend most of their time at the office, and in winter, they’ll both arrive and leave in the dark. Make their workplace an inviting and comfortable place by leaving tea and coffee supplies in the break room, and leaving biscuits and snacks for them to enjoy on their breaks. It’s the small things that will really make a difference to your employees, and not will it only motivate them throughout the winter to keep on producing high quality work, it’ll instil a deeper level of employee morale in general.

Encourage your employees to go outside

Not only does regular exercise help your employees to stay fit and healthy, but encouraging your employees to go out for a walk on their lunch will not only give them some much needed natural light and brighten their outlook, it gives them a break from their computer screens so they’ll be more productive in the afternoon.

Spring clean the office

Whilst at home, most of us get the Big Clean completed in the spring, there’s no better time than at winter for cleaning everything out at work. Not only does it give your employees a chance to get a break from their work whilst still being productive, your employees will feel like they’ve cleared out all their physical and digital clutter, allowing them to focus entirely on their work. Feeling good about clearing out their desk area and computer files will give your employees a ‘fresh start’ that’ll fire up their motivation!

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