Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs:

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Maintenance of an air conditioning system is sometimes deemed to be unnecessary – you pay money out but what’s really being done? We have answered a few commonly asked questions below.

If you have air conditioning in your home or office, it is important to have your system maintained; our trained engineers here at New-Air are able to help you keep your system running smoothly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding air-conditioning maintenance:

How long can I expect a new air conditioning system to last?

If an air conditioning system is regularly maintained and kept in good repair, you should expect a system to operate for at least 15 years. However, if systems aren’t regularly maintained then more serious repairs will be needed sooner – and your systems life expectancy can be dramatically reduced.

Is air conditioning maintenance important?

Having your air conditioning system maintained will help keep your system operating effectively. It will also increase the efficiency of your system helping you to cut down your expenditure on breakdowns and remedial works. A system that is maintained regularly will use less energy and therefore savings can be made on your electricity bills.

How often should I schedule maintenance activities?

It is recommended that you have your air conditioning checked at least once per year. If it is in constant use, it is recommended that systems be checked in spring and autumn when both cooling and heating demands are at their lowest. It is a good idea to schedule your air conditioning maintenance so that it isn’t overlooked – we offer regular contracts for your business to ensure your maintenance work remains consistent.

Are there any legal obligations for air conditioning maintenance?

The FGas Regulations stipulate that by law, operators of an air conditioning system with a refrigerant charge >3kg have a leak test of there system at least once a year and that a log book is maintained to verify that these checks have been carried out by a trained engineer. Systems with a refrigerant charge >30kg are subject to least testing at six monthly intervals and systems with a refrigerant charge >300kg every three months. Systems with a charge over 300kgs should have an automatic leak detection system installed to highlight any potential leakage.

What is an air conditioning energy assessment?

An air conditioning energy assessment is carried out by a trained professional, and the purpose is to determine whether your system is being operated in an energy efficient manner. If your system is inefficient, it can mean that you are wasting a lot of money each year. If your system has an output of greater than 12kw, you have a legal obligation to have energy assessments at least every five years. New-Air are accredited air conditioning energy assessors through BESCA.

Here at New Air, we’re able to cater for all your maintenance needs in the Southern counties of England. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation estimate to carry out your air conditioning maintenance, or if have any other questions or queries you need answering – we’re more than happy to provide professional advice.