Heat Recovery Ventilation at Southampton Hospital

Southampton Hospital Ventilation

New-Air were approached by a builder who had been employed to convert an existing stores area into a new office for a total of ten personnel within a hospital building.  The office had no openable windows and therefore an energy efficient heat recovery fresh air system was installed to meet current fresh air requirements within an occupied office environment.  The system provides the occupants with clean, fresh air and therefore improved air quality and comfort within the area.

Heat recovery ventilation systems provide effective fresh air ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery which means that any exhausted cooling / heating energy is recovered back into the office environment.

Control of the system is via a wall mounted controller complete with a built in weekly timer. A ‘night purge’ function reduces the indoor temperature and cools the building fabric and therefore reduces the load on the buildings air conditioning system the next morning.

The unit also includes an auto ventilation mode with added flexibility, which automatically switches the unit between heat recovery mode and bypass mode dependent on indoor and outdoor conditions.

This type of technology is also very common in new homes due to the airtightness of new properties.  Fresh air can be introduced into the living environment without compromising the costs of heating due to the effective recovery of heat from exhausted air back into the property.  Here at New-Air we are able to design and install MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems within a vast range of applications.  Please feel free to contact us where we can discuss your needs.