Air Conditioning to Bournemouth Home Cinema Room

Bournemouth Air Conditioning Cinema

We were contacted by an audio visual specialist who had recently installed a cinema to a client’s prestigious home in Bournemouth.  The room had a large amount of glazing on the Southern elevation of the property resulting in high solar gains, when added to the electrical loads within the area it was an uncomfortably hot environment.

New-Air designed and installed an air conditioning system to take the heat out of the environment and provide a comfortable temperature to make it more bearable for those epic films.  We adhered to the clients specifications regarding the aesthetics of the installation selecting a smart black indoor unit to blend in to the cinema environment.  The system had the lowest sound (dB) ratings on the market which eliminated any unwanted noise in the area.

We were able to supply an interface as part of the installation to enable the client to operate the system as part of the home controls system.  That way they had peace of mind that when they entered the area the air conditioning system would have already achieved a comfortable temperature.