Close Control Air Conditioning in Portsmouth Docks

Air Conditioning in Portsmouth Dock

Our client had a number of invaluable historic artefacts that needed to be stored in a temperature controlled space. There was also a requirement for humidification to ensure constant levels of moisture within the sensitive environments.  We conducted a free no obligation site assessment to determine our clients’ needs.  They had a number of dilapidated warehouses onsite which presented a good opportunity to design and build bespoke storage units in the form of prefabricated cold room panels.

We were able to carry out detailed heat gain calculations for equipment selection and design the storage units; working with the client to select a suitable location for the installation of equipment in line with their requirements.

Up-flow close control air conditioning systems were selected and installed in each area to control both temperature and humidity with minimal tolerances.  Insulated galvanised ducts were installed outside of each area to maximise the storage space whilst evenly distributing the conditioned air.

Our engineers were able to install and commission the systems and we now carry out the regular routine maintenance of all site equipment.