Out with the old R22 in with the New-Air conditioning

Our client decided to take action and replace their old R22 air conditioning systems.  The new systems offer a range of benefits to include energy efficient inverter technology resulting in  savings on operating costs, quieter operation and an extended warranty to name a few.  R22 refrigerant was banned for use at the end of 2014 and as a result, sites that continue to operate their old systems will experience increased operational costs.  There are limited options when it comes to servicing these system in the event of a failure and in most cases the most cost effective solution is to replace the equipment.

We were able to replace the existing equipment on our clients site whilst retaining the interconnecting services within the building which kept the replacement costs to a minimum.  A total of six systems were replaced in under a week which also meant that disruption was kept to a minimum and they were fully operational in time for the summer!

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old and new