New Chiller for Hampshire Hospital Operating Theatre

New-Air successfully installed a replacement chiller serving a Hampshire hospital operating theatre.  Due to the critical nature of the area the work needed to be coordinated to enable the operating theatres to run seamlessly. As a result; the project was completed in one day over a weekend.  As part of the project we supplied a temporary chiller which was coupled to the existing chilled water pipe work with a quick turn around which prevented any down time whilst the new chiller was being manufactured.

New-Air coordinated a contracted crane lift to crane the existing unit to grade and the new Lennox chiller was lifted to the roof area and sited upon the existing supports. The chilled water pipe services were reconfigured, coupled to existing services and the system was recommissioned prior to the operating theatres reopening.  We coordinated the removal of the redundant equipment from site for safe disposal at a local recycling centre to give our client the peace of mind that the site was cleared of all waste.

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